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For your clean affairs

Dirty business, we face it every day, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. Of course, nobody’s perfect, we are all human, and just like to make mistakes,  to get dirty is natural. Our mission is to take dirty business and clean it.

For stories with a clean ending

Nowadays, we are always in a hurry, doing the impossible to manage everything on time. As a result, not all things that start out clean, end clean. Stains always have a tale to tell about us. Whatever the tale is, with Grite, its ending is always clean.

Grite Charisma

"During my life, I have been in much darker places. The tension and the smell of the steak blended perfectly in the air.
Candle flames jumped around like little ballerinas, creating a hypnotising dance, while a quiet jazz improvisation in the background gave me the sixth sense that something was about to happen.

I observed them silently from my corner. They were sitting in front of each other, eyes burning with desire. I carefully watched their body language. She was full of charisma, but he lacked courage. They were like teenagers on a first date. I knew I would have to make a move soon.

He tried to pull something out from underneath the table, but when his arm moved up, the wine glass went down, and he cried one loud – ‘NO’! Fast as lightning, he grabbed me and ripped off a bunch of my sheets (way too many) and wiped away the mess.

After a few moments, she said ‘YES’."

Grite Charisma – They say I am full of charisma. I am multi-layered and white like the first snow. I’m soft for you but hard on your stains.

Grite Charisma products

Grite Orchidea

"One emotional phone call, three fruit punch stains and the most delicious bite that fell straight onto his trousers. And the party is just starting! By the looks of things, I think I will have to work my sheets off...

One thing led to another, and the party went wild! Before midnight, everyone was already performing their signature moves, and there was sweat. Buckets of sweat. The speakers sang out the ‘good old hits’ that everyone usually hates. Not that I wanted to, but I fell into the vortex of craziness. I jumped from table to table. I found myself in one embarrassing situation, but thank god, I escaped and was carried back to the living room.

After the candles were blown out, the chair went up (twenty times). There were cheers and tears, and here we go again! I was rolled, pulled and torn apart. When sun began to beat through the darkness, everything was silent and spotless."

Grite Orchidea – Even though I am perfectly white, I can handle dirty situations. I am a strong and reliable companion during the day, but I can handle a good party as well.

Grite Orchidea products

Grite Blossom

"She was beyond beautiful and was punctual like a Swiss watch. She always left home at eight-fifteen. Always. I knew her every move, because day after day, I stood in the same spot, right in front of the bathroom mirror. But today everything was different. She was acting strange. Earrings, made up curls, eyeliner and red lipstick?! Wait a minute… she is going on a date!
Suddenly, I felt stupid. What was I thinking?

Confused and embarrassed I watched how the lipstick followed the perfect shape of her lips. Suddenly, she looked straight at me. She glanced at herself in the mirror, then at me again. Then she grabbed me and ripped off a sheet, and slowly but strongly pressed me to her lips.

When she left, I remained lying there speechless. Because the first kiss is the sweetest?"

Grite Blossom – I am strong and reliable, and no stain can win a fight against me, but for you I am always gentle.

Grite blossom products

Grite Family

"Left - right, left - right, left - right. From the top shelf, I carefully observed the morning match. I just wanted to make sure that both players followed the rules. But hey, are there any rules when a ball is flying above the breakfast table. Sound familiar?

Anyway, I was curious who would take the lead. One fast serve from the left corner and a glass fell on its side. Here comes the panic! Suddenly, everything started to turn around, as I was rolled out on the table. I felt some kind of liquid on me – mmm, orange juice. The situation has been dealt with, 1 - 0 in my favour!"

Grite Family – I am made from recycled paper. I’m affordable for you, but not for your stains. Wet and dirty situations are no competition for me. Want to play?

Grite Family products

Grite Ecological

"The dancing flames of the bonfire not only gave warmth to the tired scouts, but also worked as a perfect repellent for the flying, buzzing and stinging creatures of the forest. Even though I was shredded to pieces, I lay comfortably right next to the oversized backpacks. The hike had taken ages, and I was ripped and ripped apart all day long.

Right above the fire, bean stew was boiling vigorously in a big pot. I knew my duties were not over...

Suddenly, the guitar went silent and everyone knew - it was dinner time. Stew was poured onto the metal plates, along with a few pine needles from the forest, just for the taste.

Two spoons in the stew, and one straight onto his trousers.

Okay, that is my cue."

Grite Ecological – I am hard on stains, but soft on people. I have been recycled, so let's just say – I have seen a lot during my time. Even the greasiest hiker is no match for me.

Grite Ecological products

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