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Grite Balance Rate

The search for quality goods has to be fast and effective – you choose what you want and you get what you expect. Grite is the first in the Baltic States to introduce a unique product labeling system BALANCE RATE. This convenient system provides accurate information to help you choose both the product you need and one that meets your expectations.



A whiff of quality and elegance for your home – Orchidea products. Large variety of products for all needs: toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and paper handkerchiefs. Strong and soft.

The biggest assortment of quality, affordable products. You will be surprised at the variety available in the Blossom, Family and Hey! kids range: toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and paper handkerchiefs for adults and little ones.

The most ecological product for those concerned not only about their own but also about nature’s welfare – Ecological Plus toilet paper is made from recycled fibre.

Top-quality product for those looking for the best – the Charisma family of toilet paper and paper towels is distinguished by its exceptional softness, strength and pleasant smell.

A need

Toilet paper
Kitchen towels

Product specification

Raw material
Paper softness
Paper brightness
Paper strength
Number of plies
Paper absorption
Paper lenght
Number of sheets
Product weight

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