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Grite White Rabbit

2 times more paper in the same roll

More paper per roll means less plastic packaging per kilogram of paper. As a result, more paper can be transported when transporting the manufactured product, which means lower CO2 emissions.

Grite White Rabbit Grite White Rabbit


True luxury and grace

If you always choose only top-quality products you can remain faithful to your taste by choosing the Charisma range. This top-quality range will not simply meet your expectations but will exceed them by far: the patterned paper towel and 4-ply toilet paper are made from cellulose, so they are especially gentle, soft, white and strong. This is a real haute couture masterpiece.

Charisma Charisma


For your elegant and cozy home

The small details are important in every home and while toilet paper, napkins, handkerchiefs or paper towels are not really small Orchidea products are most likely to be found in a home whose owners care about quality, functionality and cleanliness, of course. Orchidea products are 3-ply, and are soft, gentle and strong. The softness is due to being made from cellulose.

Orchidea Orchidea


Feels like Spring!

Eh, what if daily domestic worries reminded you of a walk in a meadow in bloom. You can have that same feeling when you are using toilet paper, napkins, handkerchiefs and paper towels of the Blossom line. They are decorated in field flowers, are 3 ply and are soft, gentle and strong. The softness is due to being made from cellulose.

Blossom Blossom

Family / Family decor

Staying together is happiness

When you live with a family, you experience everything five times as much: joy, delicious dinners with the family, food wars with children, snacks by TV while sitting on the sofa or lying on the carpet… Is not that so? Thus, prepare for one more family member – the Family line. The soft recycled 2- or 3-ply toilet paper, paper towels and napkins will become your daily companions.

Family / Family decor Family / Family decor

Plius Ecological

Let us live in harmony!

It is a pleasure for us to take care of you and to provide conveniences for your everyday life. However, we also take care of the surrounding environment. The Plius Ecological family is intended for everyone who wants to contribute to the Earth’s welfare, environmental protection and sustainability by using recycled 3-ply toilet paper. 

Plius Ecological Plius Ecological

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